Why JAG Are The Green Home Builders North Carolina Can Trust

In a world where sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity, the team at JAG Construction are the green home builders North Carolina can trust. We understand why that claim may seem quite grandiose, but we here at JAG Construction really do believe in our cause, we believe in the talents of our team, and we’re confident that if you’re looking for a new sustainably-built home in Asheville, NC, JAG Construction can help you make that home a reality. So, read on to find out more about the approach and the qualities that make us the green home builders North Carolina can trust…

Why JAG Are The Green Home Builders North Carolina Can Trust

Why Build Green Homes in North Carolina?

Before we get into explaining the reasons why people looking for a green-built home in North Carolina – and in particular in and around Asheville, NC – should turn to JAG Construction, we feel it’s important to also explain why ‘green building’ is important. In today’s world, environmental responsibility is more than just a trend, it’s a necessity. As we face the reality of climate change and depleting resources, building green homes has become an essential part of more sustainable living. North Carolina – with its rich natural heritage and growing population – is no exception to this rule, but for us building green homes in North Carolina is not only about creating healthier, energy-efficient spaces for the people that live here, but also about preserving the natural beauty of the state we call home.

Why JAG Are The Green Home Builders North Carolina Can Trust

Who Is JAG Construction?

We are a dedicated team of builders and craftspeople based in Asheville, NC, who specialize in creating custom-built, eco-friendly homes. We believe in constructing houses that reflect the unique vision and personality of our clients, and we insist on incorporating green building practices and sustainable materials into every project.

Our process begins with a detailed consultation to understand the client’s vision and needs. In addition to building green homes we can also assist in choosing the best lots, working closely with our clients to design a home that aligns with their dreams, and we handle all budgeting as well. We believe that all of this adds up to a service package that stands unrivalled in terms of the support we give to our clients, and the quality of the finished building that our process delivers.

Why JAG Are The Green Home Builders North Carolina Can Trust

Why Choose JAG?

JAG Uses Sustainable Building Practices

One of the things that makes us the green home builders North Carolina residents can put their faith in is our adherence to Greenbuilt North Carolina standards. This commitment sees us practice and promote environmentally friendly construction practices wherever possible. When JAG is working on a project we strive to reduce waste, minimize the impact on the surrounding landscape, and use resources responsibly – an approach which helps to ensure that our homes are not just aesthetically pleasing but also have a minimal environmental footprint.

JAG Uses Green Building Materials

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we make a point of using ‘green building’ materials – that is, materials which are renewable and which have a low impact on the environment. We also make every effort to source materials locally, further contributing to the sustainability of the project and reducing the carbon footprint of the finished home.

JAG Builds Energy-Efficient Homes

Energy efficiency is a key aspect of green building. An energy-efficient home will not only have a smaller carbon footprint, but higher energy efficiency also results in significant cost savings for the homeowners. At JAG Construction, we can incorporate energy-efficient features such as solar panels, eco-friendly insulation, and appliances rated by Energy Star into your build, helping to ensure that your dream home is as efficient as it is beautiful.

Why JAG Are The Green Home Builders North Carolina Can Trust

Further Information & Examples Of Our Work

If you’d like to learn more about our company or see some examples of our work, then the ‘About JAG‘ and ‘JAG Built’, ‘Custom Homes’, and ‘Remodels’ sections of our website are the places to visit. If however, you’re ready to start your journey towards a new green-built home, contact us today to tell us about your vision for the project!

Why JAG Are The Green Home Builders North Carolina Can Trust


Choosing JAG Construction means choosing to work with a team of skilled craftspeople who are committed to your vision and the environment, a team that believes in putting transparency at the heart of all our dealings with clients, a team with a proven track record, and a team that understands the unique character of the Asheville area and its residents. If that sounds like the team you want to build your dream sustainable home, don’t hesitate to get in touch!




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