Why Build Green?

As the realities of global warming, foreign oil, and toxic building materials start to rear their heads, it becomes more apparent every day for the necessity to build more sustainable housing. At JAG construction, we have been committed since our inception to building in a way that promotes more sustainable indoor environments, outdoor environments, and communities. There are numerous things that contribute to making building “green.” A general outline of some of the things that we see as being of utmost importance is as follows:

  • Site Considerations:
    • infill
    • erosion control and site preparation
    • native planting
    • ground cover and runoff
  • Building and Structural:
    • superior walls
    • waterproofing and drainage
    • framing
    • windows
    • insulation and air sealing materials
    • selection and recycling
  • Heating and Cooling:
    • High Efficiency mastic/ sealing
  • Energy Use:
    • Energy Star and efficiency Solar Power




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