Crafting Green
homes with style


Tim Nylander

project manager
I was raised by leaders in the historic preservation and American decorative arts fields. I grew up in the attics, basements, barns and ballrooms of some of the most architecturally significant homes in New England. After graduating college and touring the world with a variety of bands, the economic reality of being a musician settled in and in a moment of clarity I realized that I had wanted to be an architect when I was a kid. Having no money for school I embarked on a career in carpentry. It combined my love of design and knowledge of the Boston area’s buildings, old and new, in a hands on and creative environment. After 17 years of working in some of Boston’s most amazing neighborhoods and buildings, I realized the need for a change. My wife and I moved to Western North Carolina (which was our escape plan all along). I was fortunate to find a soft landing building beautiful green homes and continuing with my passion for architecture and building in a new environment.