A Home Built
with Heart and Soul


JAG Construction is a custom builder in Asheville, North Carolina, best known for crafting quality green homes. Our unique designs, mindful use of resources, and eye for detail have made us one of Asheville’s favorite home building companies.

We fuse sustainability and efficiency through every step of our building process and every home we build is certified through Green Built North Carolina. Our homes typically exceed the 15 percent efficiency upgrade required by Energy Star, and achieve a 30 to 60 percent energy efficiency premium.

We have been building custom, green homes since 2006. Our project managers, contractors, and vendors have rich backgrounds and are all passionate about green building. As one of Asheville’s oldest green builders, we have built over 200 homes and done over 100 remodels, and those numbers keep growing.

For us, green is not an add-on, it’s just how we build. 


All of our materials are thoughtfully sourced, with sustainability and design in mind. We cut and mill much of our own wood, including poplar, oak, and pine from right here in Asheville. We frequently make use of upcycled doors and other materials to lessen our environmental impact, and to add to our homes’ craftsmanship and character.

We also pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our custom home clients. Our pre-construction process includes detailed estimates and design support for all of our projects, from custom homes to remodels.

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We want to make a difference in the Asheville community. We value sustainability as a lifestyle choice, and want to conserve the land and the resources in our community. We want to deliver authentic green homes that represent our clients and have quality craftsmanship, soulful personality, and sustainable framework.

I just received my electric bill from the past month in our new home that was built by JAG. We have been averaging 15-20kWh per day. We haven’t been doing anything differently from our old condo which was Healthy Built as well. We were using 25kWh per day for the same period a year ago in a home that was 600 square feet smaller!

–Chris Larsen
Davenport Park Resident