JAG Built Homes


JAG Built homes feature our unsurpassed quality and efficiency standards but allow us to do so at a more approachable price point than a typical custom home. For a JAG Built home, we start with one of our tried-and-true floor plans and modify it to fit your property's unique footprint. We then work with you to make finish selections in our showroom from a more limited scope of predetermined finish options. Staying within these boundaries allows us to produce a high-quality JAG home at a more reasonable price point.

JAG Built plans will typically range between 1,400 and 1,800 square feet above grade. They will generally have two floors above grade and may feature a master bedroom on the main floor or upstairs. They can be built on both a crawlspace or a basement foundation. 

Our flagship JAG Built neighborhood is located in the heart of West Asheville. Please check out Craggy Park for some of our most cutting-edge designs.

If you think a JAG Built home may be right for you, please contact us to discuss options and to set up a time to meet.

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