The Green Builders Asheville NC Trusts: Jag Construction

The Green Builders Asheville NC Trusts: Jag Construction

At JAG Construction, we’re more than just green builders in Asheville, NC. We’re the green builders Asheville NC residents turn to when they need help with a project, and we’re your partners in building a sustainable, energy-efficient home that you’ll love. Our green-building practices are underpinned by principles set out by Greenbuilt North Carolina, and you can learn more about them, green building as a whole, and what it’s like to work with us, below!

The Green Builders Asheville NC Trusts: Jag Construction

Defining ‘Green’ Construction

Green construction, or sustainable construction, is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. This concept goes beyond the construction phase of a project however, as if they’re going to be enacted on the build itself, green building techniques and principles also need to be considered and factored in throughout the project and the home’s lifecycle. How they apply to operation, maintenance, renovation, and (potentially) demolition needs to be considered too. As the green builders Asheville NC can rely on, JAG Construction is committed to minimizing environmental impact while maximizing sustainability, durability, and energy efficiency.

The Green Builders Asheville NC Trusts: Jag Construction

Key Sustainable Building Practices and Principles

Minimizing Waste and Recycling Materials

At JAG Construction, we believe that fostering sustainability starts with reducing waste. We employ precise planning and advanced technology to minimize material waste during the construction process. Additionally, we are committed to recycling construction materials whenever possible, contributing to a circular economy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of green construction. We utilize design strategies and technologies to minimize energy consumption, from installing high-performance insulation and windows, to incorporating energy-efficient HVAC systems and appliances.

The Green Builders Asheville NC Trusts: Jag Construction

Introducing Green Building Materials

Choosing the right materials is crucial in green construction – but what kinds of materials should a green construction company like ours be looking to use? The following are three key choices that we’re proud to incorporate into our builds:

Locally-Sourced Materials

Whenever possible, we source building materials locally. This practice reduces the carbon emissions associated with transporting materials, supports local businesses, and often results in a building that is more in tune with its surroundings and local culture.

Recycled Materials

We will also use materials such as reclaimed wood, recycled metal, and recycled glass in our projects wherever it is a viable option. We do this because using these materials reduces the demand for new ‘virgin’ materials to be extracted or created – helping to minimize waste and a range of potential environmental pollution incurred as a by-product of the creation of new materials.

Low-VOC Paints & Finishes

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals found in many traditional paints and finishes. At JAG Construction, we prioritize the use of low-VOC paints and finishes, which improves indoor air quality and reduces health risks.

The Green Builders Asheville NC Trusts: Jag Construction

Green Building The Jag Way

JAG Construction wouldn’t be the trusted green builders Asheville NC turns to for help if we didn’t have a passion for sustainable, quality construction. We definitely do though, and this – combined with our experience and expertise – sets us apart from the rest.

Passion, Experience and Expertise

Our team brings together decades of construction experience and a deep understanding of sustainable building principles. We believe that our commitment to green construction, coupled with our extensive experience and expertise, makes us the green builders Asheville NC calls upon for help with their projects.

A Team of Highly-Skilled Craftspeople

Our team is our strength, and we take pride in their skills and craftsmanship. Every member of the JAG Construction team is trained in the nuances of green construction. From carpenters who craft intricate details to project managers who ensure seamless coordination, our team brings their best to every project.

A Variety of Projects Undertaken

At JAG Construction, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you want to build one of our own JAG-built designs, start with one of those designs and customize it to better meet your needs and tastes, remodel your existing home, or opt for a full custom home build, we have you covered. Over the years we’ve successfully undertaken a variety of projects – each with its unique challenges and rewards – and the results we’ve delivered across these projects have made a big contribution to our becoming the green builders Asheville NC trusts.

Inclusion of Customized Elements

We believe that your home should reflect your personality and values, so when you work with JAG Construction you also get the freedom to customize your build – so if there’s a specific style of decor that you want a room to have, a specific feature or material that you want to incorporate into the build, tell us! We’ll do our level best to incorporate these custom elements into the build, and by doing so, create a home that both fits your vision and meets our high standards of sustainability.

Clear, Honest Communication & Transparency

We believe that clear and honest communication is the foundation of any successful project. From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, we strive to keep you informed about your project’s progress. We’re transparent about costs, timelines, and challenges that arise, ensuring there are no surprises.

Support Throughout the Home Building Process

Building a home involves more than just construction. It includes securing land, obtaining permits, arranging finances, and more. At JAG Construction, we provide support throughout this process.

The Green Builders Asheville NC Trusts: Jag Construction

Final Thoughts

We hope that over the course of this blog you’ve seen why when they’re in need of green builders Asheville NC turns to JAG Construction. Those that do get sustainable, energy-efficient, and high-performing homes because we believe in building not just for today, but for future generations too. If those sound like principles and qualities that you want your dream home to have, then contact JAG Construction today about building your green home, and set out on the road to the perfect combination of quality construction and sustainable living.




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